i believe

I believe in being authentic in a world that can feel phony. I believe that kindness, generosity and compassion make life exceptional. I believe that we are called to be bold, adventurous and brave.   I believe in passion for life and what you do. I believe in classic, enduring and emotional images. I believe we have more that binds us together than separates us. I believe there is nothing better than doing life with the people you love.

about me

God comes first in my life and I would not be where I am today if it was not for him. I have an exceptional husband that works hard so I can make my dreams and the dreams of my kids come true. I have 2 kids. My son is in love with football, WWE wrestling and playing with his friends...normal kids stuff. My daughter already dreams of going to Harvard and learning to do a back handspring. I am history buff and news junkie. I can't resist chips and salsa, a chocolate chip cookie, a good beer, a great conversation or kissing the sweet round faces of my kids. I love being a part of other peoples lives by photographing their moments, their memories, their stories. It truly is an honor to love what you do and have the passion to leave your own world to become a part of someone else's. I would love to hear more about your life and what I can do to capture a piece of it for you in photographs.

I photograph weddings, seniors and families in the Cincinnati area. I love venturing out to other people's neck of the woods too, so I also shoot weddings in Lexington, Louisville, Dayton, Augusta, Indiana and beyond. I look forward to capturing wedding memories in all types of locations.